Connecting to the Rakuten Marketplace

This article will show you how to connect Solid Commerce to your Rakuten account.


What we'll cover:

  1. Requesting Your Rakuten FTP Credentials
  2. Connecting Solid Commerce to Rakuten
  3. Importing Active Listings From Rakuten
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Requesting Your Rakuten Credentials

1) To connect to Rakuten, you need your Rakuten FTP User Name and FTP Password.

  • These are not the login credentials for your Rakuten seller account. They are unique credentials for Rakuten's FTP site. You need to request them from Rakuten.
  • You also need to notify Rakuten if you want to create New SKU listings through Solid Commerce.
    • Approval is category specific, so you need to include the categories you will be listing to in your request.

2) Send the email below to:


I am emailing you because I would like to connect my Rakuten account to Solid Commerce. Can you please send me my FTP credentials? Can you also enable my account so that I can create New SKU listings through Solid Commerce?

Company Name: <enter the company name on your Rakuten account>
The Default Email Address on My Account: <enter the email address used on your Rakuten account>
Categories I list to: <enter the categories you want to list to>

Thank you for your assistance!
<enter your name>


  • If you would like to verify the FTP credentials you receive from Rakuten, enter Rakuten's FTP address into an FTP client application, like Filezilla. Add your credentials and make sure you can connect.


Connecting Solid Commerce to Rakuten

1) Once you receive your FTP credentials from Rakuten, login to your Solid Commerce account. Navigate to the Marketplaces menu -> Marketplaces Setup. Click on the Rakuten tab.

2) Enter the following information:

  • FTP User Name — The FTP User Name Rakuten emails you.
  • FTP Password — The FTP Password Rakuten emails you.
  • Rakuten Seller ID — You can find your seller ID number by logging into your Rakuten admin RMS portal. Your Shop Owner ID is located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

3) The Buy Start Sync Orders From option:

  • We will begin syncing orders from the date and time you enter in this field. We recommend using the current date and time.
  • To set the date, use the calendar and clock icons, or simply type into the field.  Use Pacific Time.

4) If your Rakuten account is connected to another outside system (like an accounting program), check the Disable order feed archiving box.

  • Disabling archiving allows both Solid Commerce and your other system to import your Rakuten orders.

5) Click the SAVE RAKUTEN SETUP button.


Importing Active Listings From Rakuten

Before you import live listings from Rakuten, we recommend consulting with your Solid Commerce Implementation Manager.

Once you are ready, please see, Importing Active Listings From the Rakuten Marketplace.


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