Listing Products That Are Already Available in the Rakuten Catalog

If another seller has already created a listing for your product on Rakuten, you can easily add yourself to their existing listing using a UPC, ISBN, or Rakuten SKU.

To learn how to create brand new listings on Rakuten through Solid Commerce, see the article Creating New SKU Listings on the Rakuten Marketplace.

Before you import your listings, you need to connect to Rakuten and create a Rakuten Market List. See the Related Articles section for more information.


Downloadable Template: Existing Listing Example.xlsx

This template includes a sample product.


What we'll cover:

  1. Listing to Rakuten
  2. Required Fields
  3. Optional Fields
  4. Uploading Instructions
  5. Related Articles

Listing to Rakuten

To list your products to Rakuten, you need to upload a spreadsheet. You can use the attached example file as a template.

Your products need to be saved in a Solid Commerce Warehouse or Vendor Inventory List before you can list them.

  • You can use the Products & Inventory tab of the attached file as a template.
  • To learn more about creating new products and adding them to a Warehouse, see the Related Articles section.

Required Fields

You need to include the following fields in your upload file:

Required Fields Field Descriptions and Valid Values
results Leave this field blank. It will automatically populate if you upload the file using the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool.
product custom sku

The SKU of your product.

warehouse id

The Warehouse ID of your product.

rakuten product id The UPCs, ISBNs, or Rakuten SKUs for your products.
rakuten product id type

The numeric code that represents the type of Product ID you are submitting to Rakuten.

Valid Values:

0 = Rakuten SKU
1 = ISBN
2 = UPC
3 = Your Seller's SKU, which is the Warehouse ID from Solid Commerce. When listing to Rakuten's catalog, don't use this Product ID Type. Use UPC, ISBN, or Rakuten SKU (0, 1, or 2) instead.

rakuten condition

The numeric code that represents the condition of your product.

Valid Values:

1 = Brand New
2 = Used Like New
3 = Used Very Good
4 = Used Good
5 = Used Acceptable
10 = Refurbished

rakuten price exp

This field controls the price of your item on Rakuten.

One option is to enter a number without a currency symbol. The other option is to enter the word cost, or simple formulas with the word cost, such as cost*1.5 or cost+5. More complex formulas like cost*1.2+5 or ((cost*1.2)+5) work as well.
rakuten standard ship rate The shipping fee you will charge on your listing. If you leave this field blank, Rakuten will use the default global shipping settings you saved in your Rakuten account.
rakuten expedited

Sets whether or not you want to offer an expedited shipping option on your listings.

Valid Values:

Yes or No

rakuten expedited ship rate The shipping fee you will charge if a buyer chooses expedited shipping. If you leave this field, Rakuten will use the default global shipping settings you saved in your Rakuten account.
market auto rule To make listing easy, we created a default rule. Always enter Rakuten Default in this field.
list name
The name of your Rakuten Market List in Solid Commerce.
po sources

The name of the Warehouse(s) Solid Commerce should use as the inventory source for your listings.

rakuten qty exp

Enter lq in this field if you want to make your entire inventory available on Rakuten. You can also enter formulas. See Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings for more.

run rakuten

Enter Yes to turn the automation on. Automated items are automatically submitted to Rakuten for listing.

If you enter No, your product will not list until you turn the automation on.

Optional Fields

product name is not a required field, but can be handy as a reference.

You can view other optional fields, and customize your file, by clicking the Manage Excel Columns button in the Solid Commerce menu.


Uploading Instructions

Once your file is populated, upload it with a Marketplace only update.


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