Creating New Listings on the Newegg Marketplace

This article will show you how to create Newegg listings for items that haven't been listed before.

If you need to add an item to a listing that already exists on Newegg, please see Listing a Product That Already Exists in Newegg's Catalog Using a Spreadsheet.

What we'll cover:

  1. Downloading Newegg's Item Creation Specifications for Reference
  2. Adding Your Products to Solid Commerce
  3. Populating and Uploading the Solid Commerce Template
  4. Downloadable Templates for Creating New Items on the Newegg Marketplace
  5. Related Articles

Downloading Newegg's Item Creation Specifications for Reference

To create a listing on Newegg through Solid Commerce, you must populate one of the Solid Commerce templates available in this article.

When populating a Solid Commerce template, it is helpful to refer to Newegg's requirements, field definitions, and valid values. You can find this information on the Instructions, Basic Item Info, and Detail Item Info tabs of templates downloaded directly from Newegg.

To download the template for your category from Newegg for reference:

1) Log into your Newegg Seller Portal.

2) In the sidebar menu, click on Manage Items. Click on Batch Item Creation/Update from the submenu that appears.

3) When the page reloads, select Batch Item Creation from the Action drop down menu.

  • Keep Microsoft Excel Format(*.xls) selected in the Template File Format drop-down.
    • The Excel formatted templates are the ones with the instructions, definitions, and valid values.
  • Select an industry from the Industry drop down.
  • Select a specific category from the Category drop down.

4) Click the Download File Template button.

Adding Your Products to Solid Commerce

Your products need to be saved in a Solid Commerce Warehouse or Vendor Inventory List before you can list them.

  • To learn how to create new products, and add them to a Warehouse, see the Related Articles section.

Populating and Uploading the Solid Commerce Template

1) Download the template corresponding to your Newegg industry from the bottom of this article.

  • If you do not see a template for your industry, please leave us a comment with the industry and the categories you need.
  • If the we have the template for your industry, but it doesn't include your categories, leave us a comment with the industry and the categories you need. You can see which categories are supported on the NewEggColumnMappings tab of each template.

2) Here are the required Solid Commerce specific fields:

Solid Commerce Fields
Field Descriptions and Valid Values
results Leave this field blank. It will automatically populate if you upload the file using the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool.
product custom sku The SKUs of your products.
warehouse id The Warehouse IDs of your products.
list name

The name of your Newegg Market List in Solid Commerce.

po sources

The name of the Warehouse(s) Solid Commerce should use as the inventory source for your listings.

run newegg

Enter Yes to turn the automation on. We will automatically push your data to Newegg to list your product. If you enter No, your product will not list until you turn the automation on.

market auto rule

We created a default rule to make things easy. Always enter: Newegg Default.


Enter the Newegg ID number of the category you want to list to.

In our templates, you can find the Category Names, and corresponding Category ID numbers, on the NewEggColumnMappings tab.

newegg price exp

This field controls the price of your item on your Newegg listings.

Enter a number without a currency symbol, or enter simple formulas with the word cost, such as cost*1.5 or cost+7. More complex formulas like cost*1.2+5 or ((cost*1.2)+5) work as well.

newegg qty exp Enter lq in this field if you want to make your entire inventory available on Newegg. You can also enter formulas. See Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings.


3) Populate the rest of the template according to Newegg's specifications.

  • The information in the Newegg specific fields (fields with sc: as the column header prefix) is saved to your products as Product Attributes. That means that during upload, you need to select to perform a Product update in addition to a Marketplace update.
  • VARIATION NOTE: Creating variation listings through Solid Commerce is the same as creating them directly on Newegg. The related seller part# field ties all of the variation items together. The attributes define the values in the drop-down on your listing. Newegg provides details about listing variations on the Instructions tab of their file templates.

4) Upload your file with a Product and Marketplace update.

  • Because Newegg specific fields are saved in Solid Commerce as Product Attributes, you must check both the Product and Marketplace updates.



After you upload your file, we will validate it before we submit it to Newegg. If there are any issues, we will display error messages in your Newegg Market List.

Downloadable Templates for Creating New Items on the Newegg Marketplace

To create Newegg listings through Solid Commerce, you need to download and populate one of our templates.

NOTE: You cannot upload templates downloaded from Newegg into Solid Commerce.

Most of our templates are named after their Newegg industry. The categories included in the template are listed on the NewEggColumnMappings tab.

If the templates for your categories don't exist yet, our development team will need to create them. Please add a comment to the bottom of this article. Include both the industry and category names.

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  • powersports

  • Thank you for your request. Newegg creates categories within each "Industry." Each category uses slightly different fields. In order to create our Solid Commerce templates, we need to know which specific categories you will be listing to in addition to the name of the industry.

    You can find the categories in Newegg by following the instructions in the Downloading Newegg's Item Creation Specifications for Reference section of this article. Please provide all of the categories you want to list to so that we can start mapping the templates.

    Thank you!

  • Hello, I need to list on WomensIntimateApparel on the Apparel Industry. That category is not on your Template for Newegg. Thank you. 

  • Thank you for your request. I have sent it to our Project Manager so that it can be added to the development schedule.

  •  I need:

    Industry: Office Equipment & Supplies

    Category: PrinterInkCartridgesAftermarket

  • For Cellphoneaccessories, I do not see groupmodel mapped, I need that field

  • Kari,

    Thank you for the request. I have forwarded it to our Project Manager so that he can add it to our development schedule.

    Best regards,

  • Hello,

    We noticed that there are a lot of files missing here. Below are the list of categories that we need in order to add new items:

    Auto & Hardware --> In-Dash Car Audio
    Auto & Hardware --> GPS Navigation
    Auto & Hardware --> Car Amplifier & Speaker Installation
    Auto & Hardware --> Car Amplifiers
    Auto & Hardware --> Car HD Radio Add-on Tuners & Kits
    Auto & Hardware --> Car Speakers
    Auto & Hardware --> Car Subwoofers
    Auto & Hardware --> Marine Electronics
    Auto & Hardware --> Mobile Video
    Auto & Hardware --> Onboard Camera Systems
    Auto & Hardware --> Radar Detectors
    Auto & Hardware --> Satellite Radio - Receivers & Accessories
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Accessories - Wheels
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Automotive Lighting
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Cables - Automotive
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Car Alarms, Security & Remote Start
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Car Electronics Accessories
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Mirrors - Interior
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Safety - Exterior
    Auto & Hardware --> AT - Safety - Interior


  • Hello,

    Thank you for the Auto & Hardware requests. I have forwarded them to our Project Manager to add to our development schedule.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello Allen,

    I wanted to let you know that we added the SG Fish Attractants Baits category to the Sporting Goods template posted in this article.

    Thank you,

  • Hello,

    I need template files for the following please:

    Consumer Electronics ->  Telephones

    Consumer Electronics -> Telephony Accessories

    Thank you


  • Thank you for the request Ian. I have sent it to our Project Manager so that he can add these two templates to our development schedule.

    Best regards,

  • There seems to be a tremendous number of categories missing.

    Am I reading this right?

    I do not see:

    Home >  Computer Systems > Projectors > Business Projectors 

    Home >  Hobbies & Toys > Baby > Baby Care > Health & Safety 

    Home >  Health & Sports > Personal Care > Curling Irons

    Home >  Health & Sports > Personal Care > Hair Dryers

    Home >  Health & Sports > Personal Care > Straightening Irons

    Home >  Automotive & Industrial > Vehicles & Transportation > Exorider

    Home >  Electronics > Pro Audio & Musical Instruments

    (within the category above we need almost all of them)

    Home >  Electronics > Batteries, Power Banks & Chargers 

    (within this category we need both Batteries and Chargers & Cables)

    Many more to come


  • Hello Fredrick,

    Thank you for your request.

    In order to add support for a category, one of our developers needs to manually map the category. It takes quite a bit of time. With somewhere around 2,000 active categories, it wasn't possible for us to build support for all of them before launching our Newegg integration. Instead, we add categories as clients request them.

    We have already added support for two of the categories you requested: Batteries and Chargers and Cables. You can list to both categories using the Cell Phone Accessories template available at the bottom of the article.

    I asked our Project Manager how long it would take to add support for the other categories. He said that we can try to devote as much developer time to your mappings as possible. However, it will still take a long time to add all of these categories.

    Can you please let us know which categories are most important to you? That way we can add support for them first while we continue to work on adding the rest.

    Something else I noticed is that all of the Musical Instrument categories, and a few of the others, have a status of "limited." Has Newegg approved you to list in the limited categories? I only ask because I want to make sure we spend our time mapping templates you can use instead of ones for categories you aren't able to list to.

    Thank you for helping us add support for these categories,

  • Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Ring

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Earrings

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Pendants

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Bracelets

    Watches --> Wristwatches

  • Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your request. All of the categories you requested were already on our list of templates to add. I sent your request to our Project Manager as a follow up.

    Best regards,

  • Auto & Hardware: AT - Tires (2784)

  • Thank you for requesting support for the Tires template. I have sent it to our Project Manager to add to the development schedule.

    Best regards,

  • For anyone reading this thread and hoping for SC template support, I humbly suggest you do not wait and rather move forward with batch item creation directly within Newegg.  You can locate the correct category templates from "Batch Item Creation/Update" in your Seller Page - select the right category and download your template.  

    At that point you can pull ("retrieve") inventory data from your Solid Commerce account and copy/paste the applicable columns/fields over to the Newegg file, then upload.  Something I discovered that was never mentioned to me is that if you perform a batch item creation and Newegg finds the same product in their catalog they will automatically add their Item Number to your SKU and the item will be added to your store.

    At that point, you need to download all newly created items from your Newegg item list (check Advanced Search options), then copy/paste into the Solid Commerce Newegg upload sheet to add these items to your SC market list and connect your SKUs to the Newegg items you just created.  I recommend leaving "Quantity" at zero, then if the SC connection works as it should your inventory will automatically adjust to the numbers you have in SC.

    I know this procedure is more involved than waiting for these SC templates, but you should look back over the dates on these posts and give serious consideration to how long you may need to wait for the SC developers to complete your requests (I'm still waiting, but have completed my Newegg launch using this method).

    Hope this is helpful!


  • Ian,

    Thank you for taking the time to describe your process for creating new listings on Newegg. You included some great details!

    The process you have described will work while waiting for us to create templates for new categories. It will always take a bit of time to build a new template because our developers have to manually create them one at a time.

    However, I would love to see us create new templates quicker. I am starting to work with one of our Project Managers to identify opportunities to improve our process.

    Thank you again for your comment. It is appreciated!

    Best regards,

  • This was already suggested in February. Any update?

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Ring

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Earrings

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Pendants

    Jewelry --> Fine Jewelry --> Bracelets

    Watches --> Wristwatches

    February 26, 2016, 10:38 PM
  • Hello Michael,

    Thank you for following up on those templates. It is helpful to know that there are multiple clients who will use them.

    This Thursday, two of our Project Managers are going to meet with the head of our marketplaces development team. Two managers will also be there. The purpose of the meeting is to review the process for supporting new templates.

    I will know about the status of various categories better after that meeting.

    Thanks again,

  • Hello,

    I sat in on the meeting about adding support for new categories. We are going to devote more developer time to creating templates.

    To get things started right away, I just submitted the following two templates to one of our developers:

    1. Auto & Hardware -> AT - Tires (2784)
    2. Jewelry -> Rings (997)

    The other pending Jewelry templates will be submitted through the new process we created and will take several weeks to build.

    We have taken some first steps towards improving this manual process and will continue to look for ways to speed it up.

    I will add a comment to this article when we attach new listing templates.

    Thank you,

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