Connecting to the Newegg Marketplace

This article will show you how to connect Solid Commerce to your Newegg Marketplace account.


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Connecting Solid Commerce to Newegg

1) Obtain your Newegg Access/API Key by emailing the following message to: You must send the email from the address associated with your Newegg account.


I am emailing you because I would like to connect my Newegg account to Solid Commerce. Can you please send me an API Access Key?

Store Name: <enter your Newegg store name>
The Default Email Address on My Account: <enter the email address you used to open your Newegg account>

Thank you for your assistance!
<enter your name>


NOTE: If you have any other systems already connected to your Newegg account, you still need to email Newegg for a new Access Key for Solid Commerce to use. Each Access Key is only good for one connection.

2) Once you have your Newegg Access Key, log into Solid Commerce -> Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Marketplaces Setup.

3) Select the Newegg tab.

4) Enter the API Access Key Newegg sent you.

5) Enter your Newegg Seller ID.

  • You can find your Seller ID by logging into your Newegg seller portal, and looking in the Seller Performance area on the right-hand side of the dashboard page.

6) Enter a Start Sync Orders From DT:

  • We recommend using the current date and time.
  • To set the date and time, use the calendar and clock icons, or simply type into the field. Use Pacific Time.

NOTE: Currently, we import only Shipped by Seller orders from Newegg. We do not import Shipped by Newegg or Multi-Channel orders.



7) Click the Save Newegg Setup button.



You are now connected.


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