Editing and Creating a Jet Pricing Rule

Jet Pricing Rules specify how we manage the prices on your listings.

We automatically create a rule named "Jet Default" for you. This article explains how to edit the default rule or create a new rule.


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  1. Editing and Creating a Jet Pricing Rule
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Editing and Creating a Jet Pricing Rule

1) Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Jet Pricing Rules.

2) Select the Jet Default rule. If you want to create a new rule instead, click on the Add Rule button and enter a Rule name.



3) Select the Set prices as in 'Jet' Sell Price Exp radio button.

We will submit the value you enter in the Jet Price Expression field to Jet as your "item price."

NOTE: If you select the Do not update Jet prices radio button, we won't submit price updates to Jet. Please keep in mind that you cannot update prices through Jet's admin panel. You should only use this option if you don't ever want to update your price.



5) Click the Save Automation Rules button.


If you revise a rule, the changes are automatically applied to any listings using that rule. You don't need to click any buttons or take further action.

You can create more than one rule if you want to apply different rules to different listings.


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