Packing Slips for Jet

When fulfilling Jet orders, you have two packing slip options:

  1. Insert packing slips that meets Jet's guidelines.
  2. Exclude packing slips from your shipments.

The main purpose of Jet's guidelines is to ensure that buyers contact them directly for all customer support (instead of you). They also want the buyer to have access to certain information.

We have modified our standard packing slip templates to meet Jet's guidelines. This article will show you how to customize the templates and add them to your Solid Commerce account.


What we'll cover:

  1. Customizing Your Packing Slip
  2. Adding Your Packing Slip to Your Solid Commerce Account
  3. Downloadable Jet Packing Slip Templates
  4. Related Articles


Customizing Your Packing Slip

The Jet packing slips are laid out in HTML, just like every other marketplace. You don't need to know any HTML to customize the templates. They contain simple instructions to help you update your company information, thank you message, and return policy.

You can customize them further by adding logos, banners, borders, tables, backgrounds, etc. to the HTML. You just want to make sure that your customizations meet Jet's guidelines. To view the specific guidelines, please see Jet's "Fulfillment Overview" support article:


As part of Jet's focus on partnering with you to help you grow your business, they allow you to include promotional offers on your packing slip.


For more specific information on customizing the HTML, see the Free HTML Editing Tools and Customizing Packing Slips and Invoices sections of Adding Packing Slips and Invoices to Your Solid Commerce Account.


Adding Your Packing Slip to Your Solid Commerce Account

1) Download the template you want to use.

2) Open the Text file. Select all of the HTML code and copy it.

3) Customize it with your business information and messaging. You can refer to the Customizing Your Packing Slip section above for guidance.

4) In Solid Commerce -> Go to the Admin menu -> Forms Layouts -> Packing Slips Forms.

5) Select Jet from the Select market from list drop-down.



6) Paste the HTML code for your template into the large white field on the left.



7) Click the Save Template button at the bottom of the page.



8) To learn how to preview and print your packing slip, please see Printing Packing Slips and Invoices.


Downloadable Jet Packing Slip Templates


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Attachment from the Downloadable Jet Packing Slip Templates section:

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