Updating Your Credit Card on File for Billing

These instructions will show you how to update the credit card and billing contact information that are used for paying your Solid Commerce account.


What we'll cover:

  1. Updating Your Information
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Updating Your Information

1) In the Admin menu, click Manage Seller Account

2) Click the Billing tab.

3) Enter the credit card's billing information on the left side.

  • Credit Card Number: don't worry about this field for the moment, we'll get to it soon.
  • If there is a separate Billing Contact Person in your organization, enter their Billing Contact Name, Phone, and Fax on the right side.



4) Credit Card: on the lower left, click the small blue “Edit Credit Card” link. A pop-up window will open.


  • Enter your Card Number, Expiration, and Verification No.
  • Click the Apply and Close button.



5) Click the Save Billing Record Changes button.


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