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  • Hello, 

    I cannot set us your excel tool on my excel 2007  in Russian. 

    Can you help me to upload the Rakuten marketplace template attached?

    What should I do with the Sears file if I cannot use the tool? Importing Listing Template.xlsx
  • Hello,

    We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the Excel Tool. We looked into Excel 2007 in Russian and we believe the Excel Tool should work because we do support Excel 2007.

    To get you faster support, I opened your issue up as a ticket.  You should have received an email to let you know. If you want to add anything to the ticket, you can reply to the email.



  • Not that it may matter to your situation but, if you are currently running Excel 2007 I highly recommend upgrading to Excel 2013. I run some very large 85,000 plus item databases which I often need to import into Excel. Running simple filters and sorts could take hours when using Excel 2007. Now, I can run the very same filters, sorts and other functions that once took as many as 8 hours in 2007 and now they can be completed in Exel 2013 in a matter of a few minutes. In other words, Excel 2013 is a Rocket ship compared to Excel 2007

  • Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing this Excel tip. It's good to know that Excel 2013 provides such a big performance boost.

    Best regards,

  • Andrew,

    Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I apologize for the difficulty you’ve had in getting a resolution for the excel add-in tool. I see that our support team has attempt to call you and often responded within an hour to tickets concerning this issue on your other account.  In case you have not yet tried these steps, please take a look at our documentation for troubleshooting the excel add-in tool.

    Please log into your Windows administrator user before troubleshooting. When installing and opening up excel again for the first time, left click on the excel icon and select Run as Administrator. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift on your keyboard. Follow the steps provide in the documentation, close out of excel and Run as Administrator again. Close out one more time and you may open up excel normally.

    Thank you,

  • We really need to be able to use the "Amazon Buy Shipping" with the solid ship? When will this be available?

  • John,

    Thank you for your question.

    We have added Amazon Label Printing to the New UI for our Order Manager. We are not planning to add it to SolidShip.

    The New Order Manager is nearing completion. While there are still a few features we need to add, one of our clients is already printing Amazon shipping labels in live testing.

    We are maintaining a list of clients who want to print Amazon labels. Beginning next week, or the week after, we should start slowly adding those clients to beta testing.

    Please reply to this comment if you are interested in joining the beta program. I would be happy to send your information to the Project Manager who is overseeing this project.

    Thank you,

  • Yes, we would like to join the beta program. Thanks

  • John,

    I apologize for the delayed response. I emailed one of our Project Managers, but forget to reply to you.

    The Project Manager scheduled a training meeting this Thursday to review Amazon Label Printing with our service and support teams. He is also going to describe the process for adding clients to the beta environment.

    Brian or I will reach out to you after the meeting.

    Thank you,

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