Printing Packing Slips and Invoices

Before you can print packing slips or invoices, you need to add them to your account. You can find templates and instructions in Adding Packing Slips and Invoices to Your Solid Commerce Account.

Once you have a template saved, you are ready to print.


What we'll cover:

  1. Printing Packing Slips and Invoices Through the User Interface
  2. Sorting Your Packing Slips or Invoices Before Printing
  3. Printing Packing Slips Through SolidShip
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Printing Packing Slips and Invoices Through the User Interface

1) In the Orders menu -> Manage Orders.

2) Find an order from a marketplace that has a packing slip or invoice template. Select the order.

3) Select Print Packing Slip(s) or Print Invoice(s) from the Actions drop-down menu. Click the Go button.



  • There is also a Print Packing Slips button you can use as a shortcut for printing packing slips.



4) Print your packing slip or invoice from the PDF in the pop-up window.


Sorting Your Packing Slips or Invoices Before Printing

If you would like to print your packing slips or invoices in a particular sequence, you can sort the orders first, and then print.

EXAMPLE: Assume you want to print your packing slips to help you pick your items for shipping. You could sort the print outs by Storage Location or SKU.

To sort your ordered items:

1) On the Manage Orders page, search for your Paid orders.

2) Click the Switch to Items button on the right-hand side.



3) Click on the column header of the column you want to sort your orders by (Storage Location for example).



  • Click on the header again to sort the ordered items in descending order.
  • If the column you want to sort by is not visible, see if it is available in the Columns Setup pop-up.



4) Select ordered items in the search results and print your packing slips or invoices.

NOTE: This technique will not work well for multiple item orders because all of the items in the order will print on one packing slip or invoice—interfering with your sorting.

You may want to print the packing slips or invoices for your multiple item orders before working on your single item orders. To do so, expand the More Search Options, and select Orders with Multiple Items in the Filter by drop-down. After printing, you can either apply a custom order status to the multiple item orders, or you can ship them before moving on to your single-item orders.



See the Related Articles section for more information about the Manage Orders page and custom order statuses.

Printing Packing Slips Through SolidShip

You can also print packing slips from SolidShip as you print shipping labels.

1) In SolidShip -> Go to the Options menu -> Setup Printers.



2) In the Printing Options window, select a printer in the Packing Slip Printer drop-down at the bottom of the window.

  • The Label Format will be GIF for 8.5" x 11" print outs. For 4" x 6" thermal printers, the format will be PNG.
  • Click the Save button.



3) Check the Print packing slip box in the SolidShip interface.



4) Test print an order from a marketplace that has a packing slip template. Your packing slip should print.

  • If you revise your packing slip layout while SolidShip is running, close the shipping tool and relaunch it so SolidShip can connect to the updated template.

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