Connecting to Your UPS Account

Connecting Solid Commerce to a UPS account allows you to print labels for any UPS shipping method, including SurePost and Mail Innovations.

You will receive your negotiated rates on all labels. You can even save multiple UPS profiles so you can control which account gets billed. The UPS profiles can be selected in the Shipping Rules and SolidShip.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Connecting to UPS
  2. Troubleshooting - Address Verification Failure
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Connecting to UPS

1) In Solid Commerce, go to the Admin menu -> Manage Shipping Carriers.

2) Select UPS from the New shipping profile drop-down. Click the Add button.


3) Enter a Profile Name. If this is your primary UPS account, make sure the Is Default box is checked.

  • Do not populate any fields in the profile. Your Access License will automatically be generated for you.

4) Click the Start New Registration button.


5) After the page refreshes, click Next.


6) A technology agreement will load. Scroll to the bottom of the agreement. Check the Yes, I Do box that appears. Click Next.


7) Keep Existing UPS User Account selected in the Select your status drop down.

8) Enter your UPS Account NumberUser ID, and UPS Password.

  • If you don't know your UPS User ID, access your account and go to the My UPS menu -> Profile.

9) Keep the Invoice Information Type box unchecked. Click Next.

If you are successful, your registration will be confirmed.



Troubleshooting - Address Verification Failure

If you get an error after clicking the Next button, UPS's address verification process probably failed. Here's how to pass the verification:

1) In your account, go to the My UPS menu -> Maintain Your UPS Account.

2) Select your account from the Account Number drop-down. Click Continue.

  • Your address will be named either: Your Pickup Address or Your Location Address.


3) In Solid Commerce, go to the Admin menu -> Manage Seller Account.

4) Select the Default Ship From Address tab.

5) Make sure all the fields in your Solid Commerce Default Shipping Address are identical to your UPS Pickup or Location Address (including the email address).

6) For the Ship From Company field, enter your UPS Account Name.

  • You can locate your UPS Account Name in My UPS -> Account Summary. It's in the UPS Account Details section.

7) Click the Save Shipping Information button.


8) Try connecting to your UPS account again.


After you connect, you can change your Default Ship From Address if you want to use a different default with Solid Commerce. UPS won't verify your address again.


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