Creating Variation Listings on Walmart

This article explains how to create variation-style listings on Walmart using a spreadsheet.

To create your listings, you can use the Excel template attached to Listing to Walmart (Creating New Listings and Adding Yourself to Existing Listings). You'll also find details about populating all of the other Walmart fields.


What we'll cover:

  1. Setting Up Your Variations
  2. Required Variation Information
  3. Optional Variation Information
  4. Related Articles


Setting Up Your Variations

Walmart doesn't use parent SKUs to create variations. You only submit the child items that belong to the family.

The listing is tied together by the Variant Group ID, which you provide. If you have a parent SKU from listing your variation on another marketplace, you can enter the Parent SKU as the Variant Group ID. Otherwise, you can enter any alphanumeric combination that you want. Just make sure not to use the same value for other variations or Walmart could end up adding your new items onto the existing variation listing.

You also have the option to designate one of your child items as the Primary Variant. The Primary Variant appears in the search results and is the first item on the listing.


Required Variation Information

Before you populate the variation fields, you need to add the attribute(s) you want to use for your variation to your Solid Commerce template. The template from our Walmart listing article includes two example variation attributes.

Here are the variation fields that you need to populate:

Walmart Field Name Sold Commerce Field Name Field Description
Variant Group ID (Optional) walmart:parent sku

The Variant Group ID identifies all of the child items that belong to the listing. You can use a parent sku or any value up to 20 characters long.

Variant Attribute Names-Variant Attribute Name (Optional) walmart attr:Variant Attribute Names-Variant Attribute Name

The name of your variant attribute(s). The first letter of the attributes are always lower case and every other word in the attribute begins with a capital letter—no spaces. When in doubt, copy the Variant Attribute Names from Walmart's documentation.

If you have more than one attribute, separate each with a semicolon.

EXAMPLE: clothingSize;color

Primary Variant? (Optional) walmart:is primary variant

If you want to select an item as the Primary Variant, enter Y in this field.

If you don't select a primary variant, Walmart will use the first SKU in the variant group as the primary.


For full information about populating Walmart's variation fields, see their support article, How To Set Up A Variant Group.


Optional Variation Information

Walmart Field Name Sold Commerce Field Name Field Description
Swatch Image - Swatch Variant Attribute walmart attr:Swatch Image-Swatch Variant Attribute (#1)

This field allows you to set up your variation so that the options are displayed to buyers as swatch thumbnail images instead of drop-down menus.

EXAMPLE: color

Swatch Image - Swatch Image Url walmart attr:Swatch Image-Swatch Image Url (#1)

If the options in your variation have different images, like in a color variation, enter the URLs for the images in this field. Each child item needs a URL. However, you can use the same URL for multiple children, like if they are different sizes of the same color.


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