eBay SolidSync: Overview of SolidSync for Bigcommerce

SolidSync allows you to quickly list your Bigcommerce products to eBay in bulk. No need to list one product at a time or leave your Bigcommerce shopping cart!

NOTE: SolidSync is not designed as an add-on for the Solid Commerce platform. You cannot use both SolidSync and Solid Commerce at the same time.

Solid Commerce offers more powerful tools to list products, fulfill orders, and manage your business than SolidSync. If you have any questions about listing to eBay or Bigcommerce through Solid Commerce, our support team is here to offer guidance and best practices.


What we'll cover:

  1. Initializing the App
  2. Bulk Listing by Store Category
  3. Connecting to eBay
  4. Publishing a Sample Listing
  5. Publish Listings to eBay
  6. Updating Live Listings
  7. What Gets Published
  8. Available Reports
  9. Related Articles


Initializing the App

When you run SolidSync for the first time, we import your Bigcommerce products into the app.

The time it takes to initialize depends on how many products you have. You can view the status of your import in real time.

After the status hits 100%, click the START button.



In order to list to eBay, your SKUs must meet eBay's requirements. Items without SKUs, or with SKUs longer than 50 characters, aren't compliant with eBay and won't import into SolidSync.

To learn how to add SKUs to your Bigcommerce products, please see their support article: Adding Product SKUs.


Bulk Listing by Store Category

In order to make listing to eBay quick and easy, we group all of the products from each of your Bigcommerce store categories together. All of the items from each category list at the same time.

Products can be listed to eBay US or eBay Motors categories.


To prepare your items for listing:

1) You can see your Bigcommerce category names in the STORE CATEGORY column of the Store to Marketplace Setup section.

2) We automatically suggest an eBay category in the EBAY CATEGORY column.

Our recommendation is based on the name of each Bigcommerce store category or subcategory. If we cannot find an exact match, we pick the closest partial match.

3) If you would like to change the suggested category, click on the EBAY CATEGORY and make a selection from the drop-down menu.



4) Apply an eBay Template to each store category.

The eBay Template allows you to quickly apply listing settings to all of your items.

You can apply the same template to more than one Bigcommerce category. You can also create multiple templates.

To create an eBay Template, please see SolidSync: Creating an eBay Template.


Because creating variation listings on eBay requires configuring individual products, we cannot support listing variations through the SolidSync bulk listing tool.

In order to avoid eBay listing issues, we don't import your Bigcommerce parent or child items into SolidSync.

The Solid Commerce platform includes support for both eBay and Bigcommerce variation listings. To learn more about our full-featured platform, please see solidcommerce.com.


Connecting to eBay

Before you can list, you need to connect to eBay.

1) If you haven't connected yet, you'll see a message in the upper left-hand side of the page notifying you that eBay is not connected.

2) Click the Click here link inside the yellow box.

3) A new tab will load. Sign in to your eBay account or click on the Register tab to open an eBay account.

4) Once connected, choose your sync settings.


Publishing a Sample Listing

If you are new to SolidSync, we recommend test listing one item before listing an entire category.

1) Select one of your store categories.

2) Click the SAMPLE LISTING button.

NOTE: This feature randomly lists one product from the category you selected. You cannot select which item you want to list.



Publishing Listings to eBay

1. Check the box for the store categories you want list.



2. Click on the PUBLISH TO EBAY button.



3. If you receive errors, see the Available Reports section below to resolve the issues. Then click PUBLISH TO EBAY again.

NOTE: When you add new products to your Bigcommerce store, we will continue to import them into SolidSync. To list your new products, you must select your Bigcommerce categories and click PUBLISH TO EBAY.


Updating Live Listings

If you make changes to your products in Bigcommerce, you can automatically update live listing by turning on the Sync Content marketplace setup option. 

Alternatively, you can manually update your eBay listings for one category by:

1) Selecting the category with updated items.

2) Clicking the PUBLISH TO EBAY button.


Adding Additional Images

 To add additional images to your eBay listing, click SAVE in your Bigcommerce account when uploading new images.


What Gets Published

eBay places listing limits on all accounts. The exact limits for each account vary. At the low end, you could be limited to as few as 10 listings per month with a total value of $1,000. You can view your listing limits on the My eBay page of your eBay account. The limits are displayed in the Monthly selling limits section of the Selling Manager Summary page. This section includes a link to Request higher selling limits, or you can go to: https://scgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?UpgradeLimits.

When submitting listings to eBay, we automatically send the following Bigcommerce information:

Bigcommerce Name eBay Name


Custom Label




Buy It Now


Gallery Image

Product Images


Brand Name


Current Stock Level


Product Condition















eBay requires UPCs in almost all categories, so we need to provide a value in order to avoid listing errors. If you don't have a value in the Bigcommerce UPC field, we submit Does Not Apply.

eBay calls product details "item specifics." Each category has a different set of item specifics. We automatically submit both the Brand and UPC to eBay as item specifics. If you wish to add additional item specifics to your listings, you may select them in the eBay Template.

Bigcommerce's Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) field is only used for Google Shopping. eBay requires an MPN in most categories, so we submit Does Not Apply for the MPN. If you sell auto or powersport parts on eBay Motors, and want to add fitments, you can add them to your listings manually through eBay's seller manager user interface.

You will want to set up your tax rate table directly through your eBay seller account. If you don't want to sync your Bigcommerce prices with eBay, you will also want to adjust your prices directly on eBay.

If an item is missing required information, it won't list. eBay returns an error message for any items that fail to list. To learn how to view the errors and fix them, please see the Available Reports section below.


Listing Description

We automatically populate the description field on eBay with a preset HTML design. The design includes your title, product description, and an image.

You cannot customize our default design.


Listing Products With Bigcommerce Conditions

We match your Bigcommerce product conditions to eBay's conditions when we submit your listings.

Bigcommerce Condition Value Pushed to eBay








Items with a Bigcommerce condition that isn't available for your eBay category won't list.

EXAMPLE: A necklace marked as "Refurbished" in Bigcommerce cannot list to eBay. eBay doesn't offer "Refurbished" as a condition in jewelry categories. You must mark this item as "Used" in Bigcommerce instead.


Available Reports

You can find reports on your items in the LISTING STATUS column.

NOTE: When viewing reports in the user interface, you can only see the first 100 items. To view all of the items, click the DOWNLOAD button.



Number of Listed Items

Click on the numbers over the blue bar see which SKUs were published.

The report provides the: SKU, Product Name, Price, Quantity, and Listing ID. Click on the SKU to view your Bigcommerce listing. Click on the LISTING ID to view your eBay listing.



Items in Queue

To see which items are currently in the listing queue, click on the clockwise arrows icon.



Troubleshooting Errors

1) Click on the red triangle to bring up a report of the items that didn't list.



2) The ERROR column will display a message from eBay.



3) Based on the error text, either update your Bigcommerce product information, or revise the general settings in your SolidSync eBay Template.

4) Select your store category again and click PUBLISH TO EBAY.

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