eBay SolidSync: Creating an eBay Template

Creating an eBay Template allows you to quickly apply listing settings to your items in bulk.

Because some of the fields in the eBay Template are required by eBay, you must create a template before you can list.


What we'll cover:

  1. Creating and Applying an eBay Template in SolidSync
  2. Tips for Populating Your eBay Template
  3. Using eBay Business Policies to Set Your Shipping, Payment, and Return Options
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Creating and Applying an eBay Template in SolidSync

1) Verify that the EBAY CATEGORY selected for each Bigcommerce store category is correct.

The EBAY CATEGORY will determine whether we create an eBay Motors or eBay US template.

2) Add an eBay Template by clicking the plus sign (+) to the right of any store category.



3) Populate the fields in the template.

The Tips for Populating Your eBay Template section below reviews some of the required fields and provides other helpful information.

4) Click Save.

5) You can apply the same template to multiple store categories by selecting it from the TEMPLATE drop-down.

The drop-down menu will only contain saved templates that work with the EBAY CATEGORY set for that store category.

If you don't see any templates in the drop-down, you must create a new one for that category.

6) To edit a template, click on the pencil icon.



Tips for Populating Your eBay Template



  • You must offer at least one Domestic Shipping Option. International shipping is optional.
  • You have the option to charge buyers shipping fees. However, there are many benefits to offering free shipping on your listings:
    • Buyers cannot leave negative feedback about your shipping fees.
    • eBay provides better visibility in the search results to sellers offering free shipping.
    • eBay charges Final Value Fees on shipping fees in addition to the product price.
  • If you want eBay to calculate the shipping fees they charge your buyer, you will need to provide a Ship From Zip Code.
  • Calculated shipping also requires you to provide Package Information and to select a specific shipping method instead of a generic one.
    • EXAMPLE: With calculated shipping, you cannot select Standard Shipping as an Offered Mail Service, you must select something like USPS First Class Package or UPS Ground.
  • If you offer flat rate shipping, you can populate either the Ship From Zip Code or the Ship From Location field. You don't need to populate both.


Business Policies and Payment Options

  • You can apply the business policies you created in your eBay seller manager account to your listings. To use a business policy, provide the ID number eBay assigned it in the Shipping Profile ID, Payment Profile ID, or Return Profile ID field.
  • You must offer PayPal as a Payment Method.
    • Don't forget to enter your PayPal email address in the eBay Global Settings section on the left of the SolidSync user interface.
  • Some of the Payment Methods other than PayPal (such as credit cards) require approval by eBay.
    • If you try to offer Payment Methods that eBay hasn't authorized you for, eBay will return errors when you try to list your items.


Using eBay Business Policies to Set Your Shipping, Payment, and Return Options

eBay's business policies allow sellers to create shipping, payment, and return profiles directly in their eBay seller manager accounts. The largest benefit of using a business policy is that when you revise a policy, eBay will automatically update all the listings that have that policy applied.

NOTE: eBay only makes business policies available to some sellers. Not everyone has access. If business policies are available to you, you will see an opt-in in the Sell section of My eBay.

For full information, please see eBay's Help: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/business-policies.html.


To apply a business policy to the listings you create through SolidSync:

1) Find the policy ID number that eBay assigned your business policy by clicking on the title of one of your eBay business policies in eBay's user interface.

The policy ID number appears after the = sign at the end of the URL address in your web browser.

2) Copy the policy ID number.

3) Enter the policy ID number into the corresponding field in your SolidSync eBay Template:

  • Shipping Policy: The Shipping Profile ID field in the Basic Listing Information section.
  • Payment Policy: The Payment Profile ID field in the Payment Options section.
  • Return Policy: The Return Profile ID field in the Return / Warranty Policy section.

4) If you use a business policy, you don't need to populate the related section in your eBay Template.

EXAMPLE: You enter an eBay shipping business policy into your SolidSync template. You don't need to populate the "Domestic Shipping Options," "International Shipping Options," or "Package Information" sections of the eBay Template.


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