Adding Support for Etsy SKUs

We are excited to announce that we will be adding support for SKUs on Etsy. This update was made possible by some revisions and fixes Etsy made to their API. Our release will include support for child items in variations—allowing you to update the quantities and prices on each child item.


Release Date

We will be transitioning all remaining clients to the new Etsy integration on: Tuesday, 3/13/18.

We originally planned to release the update to all clients on Thursday, February 8th. As we were wrapping up testing, our QA team found some bugs. We postponed the initial release to the week of February 12th.

To help keep tight quality control on the release, we deployed it in phases.

The first two phases were rolled out successfully. Many clients are using the new integration.

We will send final reminders before and after the final release is made.


No Action Required - Single Item Listings

If you have single item listings on Etsy, you don't need to revise them due to this release. We will still be able to update your listings and import orders.

Going forward, if you list new items through Solid Commerce, your Warehouse ID will be used as the SKU. If you list items directly on Etsy, you can populate their SKU field. We will import your SKU as the Warehouse ID.

If you would like to add SKUs to your existing single item listings on Etsy, you can do so directly through Etsy. After our release, you can delete all of the listings in your Solid Commerce Etsy Market List. The listings will reimport with the SKUs. If you would like, you could also delete the [<SKU>] text from your Etsy descriptions.


Action Required - Variation Listings

Etsy's support for SKUs and variation items was a major enhancement. To support it required some pretty large changes on our side too.

We need all child items to have SKUs in order to update child items and properly import orders. You will need to add SKUs to all child items that don't have them directly through Etsy before we release the revisions to your account. Orders for child items that don't have SKUs will still import into Solid Commerce. However, we won't recognize the item in the order. That means that the inventory won't update on your child item and the order will be difficult to fulfill.

After we release the Etsy updates to your account, you will need to delete all of your listings from your Solid Commerce Etsy Market List. The listings will reimport with their SKUs. 

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  • what is the status of this?

  • Hello David,

    I apologize for the delayed response. We are running the new and improved Etsy integration for a few clients now.

    If you are ready to migrate over, please respond here. I can make the request with one of our developers.

    Thank you,

  • Hello David,

    I wanted to reach back out to you. We will be migrating the remaining customers over to the new Etsy integration next Tuesday, 3/13/18.

    If you are ready now, I can see if we can move you over sooner. Otherwise, we just want to make sure you are ready next Tuesday.

    Thank you,

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