Connecting to Overstock


NOTE: If products on Overstock have 0 quantity, Overstock does not return those items during Auto import. 


Known limitations:

  • Listings must be created on Overstock
  • Updates to listings must be done on Overstock
  • Prices are controlled by Overstock


Supported Functionality:

  • Inventory can sync from Solid Commerce to Overstock
  • Orders can import from Overstock to Solid Commerce
  • Tracking can update from Solid Commerce to Overstock\


Connecting to Overstock

1. Go to Marketplaces> Sales Channel Connections > Choose Overstock.

2. Choose a name for your Overstock connection

3. Choose NEW VERSION for your Overstock connection

4. Add your User name and Password from Overstock (the login you use on Overstock)

NOTE: if you change your user name and password on Overstock, you will need to update your user name and password on Channels Manager



Match Fulfillment Locations to SC Warehouses

  • The Solid Commerce warehouse can only be matched to one Overstock warehouse location
  • The Fulfillment Location field should be populated with the name of your warehouse in Supplier Oasis.
  • NOTE: This warehouse id is found in Supplier Oasis under Account Settings> Warehouse > Click "update" > Warehouse Name (not Display Name)


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